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Est. 1980 - devoted totally to producing the Finest quality in blue and black Great Danes.

Twenty-Three (23) years ago I bought my first Great Dane. I started with best you could get and yet I realized that she wasn't as good as the fawns, so I set out to produce blues and blacks  that were not only as pretty, but sound and healthy, too. It took 12 years of adding one piece  at a time, but I feel we have finally accomplished that goal.

Our blues and blacks now have gorgeous heads and top lines, strong rears and croup's, movement, fronts, long necks, great temperament, soundness and longevity, our average life span is 9 to 11 years.

 All of our dogs are in our home and puppies are handled and loved daily. We honesty evaluate every puppy. We have an excellent reputation and everyone that has one of our dogs usually comes back for another one. We give a two (2) year replacement guarantee, on our puppies, for any inherited problems that would prevent him/her from living a normal live.
Through our dogs, we have made friends all over the USA, Canada, and Europe. We are looking forward to making more friends. If you are interested in Great Danes, be it pet, show or just love the breed as we do, we would love to hear from you.